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2016 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition will be held in Wuhan in October

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Around the innovation, open, green, sharing, coordination and other keywords, the organizing committee prepared a variety of conferences and activities, spanning three days 26~28 days. There will be 2016 Chinese agricultural development forum, "2016 China agricultural industry annual award" awards ceremony in 2016, agricultural industry economic and market analysis report, Chinese Animal Husbandry Mechanization Development Forum and China Agricultural Mechanization Association of animal husbandry branch of the inaugural meeting, 2016 Chinese Agricultural Machinery Association International Conference, green environmental protection mechanization technology report will, intelligent agricultural equipment and supporting new Agronomic Technology Forum, corn production mechanization in Hubei agricultural mechanization forum, seminars, forums and other major conferences of vegetable mechanization.

At the same time, there are seminars, development of agricultural aviation plant protection technology of agricultural products special promotion, special meetings, agricultural products and market development of agricultural machinery spare parts market after the special meeting a special meeting in the country; agricultural cooperatives demonstration agency director training "to promote agricultural production full mechanization" forum, from France and Italy dealers farmers, the international agricultural distribution case sharing and international farm management case sharing. In addition, the new machine (new technology, new products) live demonstrations, remote control aircraft plant simulation work on-site demonstration will be scheduled to.

In addition, the organizing committee also reminded enterprises to declare the work in a timely manner, to declare exhibitors, trucks, products, events and other information. It is understood that the exhibition with the data management work thoroughly, pre declaration work becomes more and more important, such as exhibitors pre declaration of the truck information, the organizing committee will truck information to the Wuhan Traffic Management Bureau reported, take the car in the limit line can get special treatment; while the product is pre declaration for the production of products exhibition manual can display the main product platform for enterprise.

In the convenience of the audience exhibitors, the organizing committee has done a lot of work, according to the introduction, as long as the audience in the international agricultural exhibition website for pre landing, after selection of enterprises, products, activities and meetings in accordance with the needs of individuals to visit project, you can generate "private custom" exhibition itinerary, the more convenient and targeted of.