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Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations Tiger Egg Nai Walker cover a visit to the Xinyuan Mac

Update time:2016-09-23 12:21:48         Visitors:

Not long ago, SWM X7 as of 2016 and the car Swinburne Island global large set of specified guest reception car, business, science and technology is regarded as a "prophet" Kevin Kelly (author of "out of control", "science and technology", "inevitable" what do you want, including "out of control" is the "hacker empire", director an actor must reading) "new species come to witness the whole process, Xinyuan products with many international big coffee show staged a close contact.


Shineray species under the Indus tree, attracted to phoenix! - Tiger Egg Nai Walker, Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations (Tegegnework Gettu) and his party in September 21, 2016 to visit Shineray agricultural machinery.


The tiger, Etam Naiwake (Tegegnework Gettu) - cover just attended the end of the 2016 World Tourism City Federation of Chongqing Xiangshan tourism summit, in a tight schedule in Chongqing to visit some key enterprises, including the Shineray machinery.

Xiong Lin, deputy director of the Chongqing Municipal Economic Commission, Jiulongpo District vice mayor Wang Xuan, municipal council, relevant personnel and the Municipal Bureau of tourism, travel and other units, Shineray Machinery rotating general manager Yang, deputy general manager Ouyang Jiajia, Li Qi, assistant general manager Ding Heming accompanied reception etc..




During the tiger Etam (Tegegnework Gettu) - Naiwake cover visited the Shineray Machinery Exhibition function, intelligent automation production workshop and international advanced inspection equipment.




Shineray Machinery Company staff were introduced from the history, Shineray strategic planning, innovation platform, and in recent years the Shineray Machinery through continuous development and exploration in the field of agricultural machinery, small core competitive advantage.


Tiger Etam Naiwake (Tegegnework Gettu) - cover affirmed the innovative, professional Shineray machinery enterprise products, have a brilliant future in the world of small agricultural machinery field.


Tiger Etam Naiwake (Tegegnework Gettu) - cover that Chinese is one of the most developing countries welcome partners, including his native Ethiopia, China to a very positive role in the field of infrastructure construction, infrastructure, economic development, such partner is very popular. Shineray agricultural machinery agricultural experts determined to create a clear goal, Shineray agricultural machinery in the international market has achieved good results for the development of the world's food and agriculture sector to make a contribution. He encouraged Shineray agricultural innovation, continue to put the international market strategy in an important position to promote China's agricultural development for the developing countries to make greater contributions.


(photo / Cheng Qiming)