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Leveraging consulting, Shineray agricultural machinery, Shineray motorcycle seminar carried out smoo

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Since the beginning of August 1st, the project launched a strategic Shineray decoding, the implementation of the project are planned in an orderly manner. To better promote the transformation of agricultural machinery and motorcycle parts strategy, Shineray Machinery and Xinyuan motorcycle strategy project group decoding respectively in August 20th, September 3rd in valley base completed all closed, two days of high strength strategy conference.



(Shineray agricultural strategy seminar site)


(Shineray motorcycle strategy seminar site)

This strategic seminar led by IBM project consultant, aimed at the business sector thinking by collision between members, make clear the management strategic positioning plate and target, seeking the path of development to achieve strategic objectives and eventually develop into the corresponding key tasks and resources, so as to accelerate the strategic transformation of Shineray.

The two companies are hosted by the IBM Project Manager Ouyang Jie, the meeting includes the contents of the report, the panel discussion, ideas, strategic committee review of the four links.

The meeting began, IBM Project Manager Ouyang Jie introduced the three core objectives of the seminar: full discussion, consensus and common growth.




(IBM Project Manager Ouyang Jie)

The first group discussion after 20 minutes of film appreciation.



(watch the movie "soul drop")

Two days of strategic discussions, Shineray agricultural machinery, Shineray motorcycle project group in turn on the BLM model of the six major sections of the report and discussion.




(Shineray agricultural group seminar site)





(Shineray Motorcycle Group seminar site)





(IBM project consultant Bao Peng personally guide)

The seminar has attracted more attention including the chairman, member of the strategy committee, member of the strategy committee and the full participation of the continuous output of constructive opinions and decisions, development direction and strategy of Shineray Machinery.



(Group Award)




(Group punishment)

This strategic seminar, Xinyuan holding chairman Gong Daxing feeling a lot: "this kind of seminar in ten years ago on the various issues, has always been there, but not through a thorough combing cannot know the problem in which the links, also don't know how to solve."




(Chairman Gong Daxing speaks)

At the same time, the chairman requested the subsidiary business: "first, each subsidiary to pause the sort of business plate, based on the industry development trend, focus on the present, and the depth of integration of brand, product, market, technology and other aspects of resources; secondly, to research results oriented, able to perform landing, clear positioning. A walk, but to prevent the transition and transformation in order to. Hope in the next car companies, financial leasing companies in the strategic research can see better performance."


(IBM Project Manager Ouyang Jie summary)

Finally, the IBM Project Manager Ouyang Jie concluded: "this organization focuses on large-scale seminars through the core content of the formation of strategic planning for the full discussion of the business forum among members of the group, and let each subsidiary harvest to achieve consensus, consistent understanding of strategic planning, implementation for strategic planning; at the same time, through innovative thinking discussion on strategy to stimulate the team, sharing collective wisdom. In the future, IBM will strive to provide more resources and methodology to Shineray, help Xinyuan team to grow together!"

(Figure / Ren Yi Hu Qiangwen / Zheng Jingjing)