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Shineray agricultural development and innovation, a variety of product combinations detonated Nation

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Recently, sponsored by the Chinese agricultural machinery circulation association, China Agricultural Mechanization Association, China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, to "innovation, openness, sharing, coordination, green" as the theme of the 2016 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, held in Wuhan International Expo center. Shineray agricultural to ten years, always accompanied by the theme, with the entire operation of the mountain hills product chain debut exhibition, to the new and old friends recommend the latest products.

Shineray agricultural machinery to the appearance of the international agricultural machinery exhibition, showing a variety of hills and mountains in the application of high-quality product portfolio, attracting a large number of new and old customers, the scene reached more than 6000 orders.


New and old customers on-site purchase


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At the scene of the company to give thanks to the majority of new and old customers, the purchase discount and sweepstakes, the atmosphere lively.

Shineray agricultural development, the community can not do without the long-term support and trust of friends, the company will actively develop in the future to adapt to the mountains and mountains of agricultural machinery, in order to achieve the modernization of agricultural modernization in the hills and mountains!

New product introduction


Combine with 4LZ-1.6 using more than and 3 cylinder EFI diesel engine, more environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient; its chassis system adopts HST hydrostatic CVT; independent innovation multifunctional electromagnetic sensing integrated control handle, the operation is more labor-saving, high working efficiency.


The crawler tractor's more than and 3 cylinder EFI diesel engine; large horsepower, low oil, energy saving and environmental protection tillage; farmland operation for the mountainous area soil, paddy field cultivating excellent performance.


Double row transplanter


Multifunctional garden management machine