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Perfect! Shineray Machinery re jinggeng Cup "award

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Rome is not built in a day, the brand is not set up in the short term, "jinggeng Cup" award winning brands more than make a day. From the start to the selection Conference Awards ceremony was held, for half a year, CO sponsored by the Chinese society of agricultural machinery and agricultural machinery branch 360 net seventh "precision Cup" contest ended in Hainan Boao forum for Asia Hotel in November 26th, Xin Yuannong again won the "perfect way to honor the most favorite users in the hilly area of mechanical top brand".



(Seventh "jinggeng Cup" award at the scene)

The "precision Cup" to "the beginning of the heart, the Internet, cooperation, win-win" as the theme, the Chinese elected agricultural industry annual and annual power model. Shineray Machinery through network audition, professional users, the final assessment expert jury final assessment aspects of the assessment, finally won the "favorite users in the hilly area of the top ten brand of machinery". Xinyuan, deputy general manager of agricultural Limited by Share Ltd Yang attended the awards ceremony. 



(Seventh "mechanical precision Cup" in the hilly area of the top ten brand award certificates and medals)

In seven years, "intensive Cup" to motivate enterprise spirit, uphold the intensive and meticulous farming focus on sub areas, promote the development of the industry at the same time, also at work with a faith, adhere to the responsibility of the industry. Shineray Machinery again won the "precision Cup" is recognized by the agricultural industry and the majority of users of the Shineray Machinery exhibit excellent market competitiveness, is a high recognition of the Shineray Machinery products, brands and services, but also to the Shineray Machinery speed up the adjustment of product structure and product upgrading, adhere to the best return to win the market with high quality products.

(Agricultural Machinery Company workshop, administrative building)

Shineray agricultural machinery based on the development of hilly areas, adhere to the differentiation of agricultural machinery, through the quality of the machine, the strategic support, is committed to becoming a hilly agricultural experts to open up.