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Chongqing Municipal Agricultural Office Deputy Director Qin Ming visit and guide the work of the Xin

Update time:2017-02-14 17:04:09         Visitors:

February 8th, deputy director of the office of agricultural machinery, Chongqing, Qin Ming and his party, came to Chongqing Shineray agricultural Limited by Share Ltd field inspection guidance, Xinyuan Yang, chairman and deputy general manager of the total Yang yang.

(visit the workshop)

During the period of Qin, deputy director visited the inspection equipment workshop and international advanced Shineray Machinery intelligent automation production, Shineray Machinery Chairman Yang introduced from the development process, the company's strategic planning, innovation and other aspects of the platform, and in recent years the Shineray Machinery through continuous development and exploration, in the hilly areas of agricultural machinery core competitive advantage.

(visit tractor production line under construction)

Subsequently, deputy director qin line to Shineray agricultural tractor production line in the construction project, a detailed understanding of the progress of the project development, and hope that under the premise of ensuring safety, quality, speed up the realization of tractor production line.

(visit the tractor trial workshop)

During the guidance, the deputy director of the Qin on how to improve the core competitiveness of the tractor, to adapt to the special environment of Hilly and mountainous areas, reducing the cost of supporting, intelligent Internet applications and other constructive suggestions.

(tractor intelligent Internet Application Demo)

In the discussion exchange meeting, deputy director of the Qin Dynasty fully affirmed the outstanding performances of the Shineray Machinery made over the years in the hilly agricultural areas, and encourage the Shineray Machinery to make greater contributions to the rural areas, agriculture and farmers in Chongqing and Jiulongpo District Economic Construction and service in the hilly area of the.


The research focus on hilly agricultural hilly hilly agricultural and farmers

China is a large agricultural country, China is more hilly areas. In the fierce market competition, Shineray agricultural machinery has always followed the market, according to the direction of development of agricultural machinery suitable for the development of hilly areas of differentiated products. At present, the Shineray Machinery in independent research and development have been fruitful harvest, not only has its own R & D team, and the establishment of a "Chinese in Italy. Milan Shineray Machinery Research and development center in Italy, to fully absorb and use the advanced experience of developed countries in Europe, to provide strong backing for the sustainable development of the Shineray Machinery, strong scientific research system provides a strong guarantee for the rapid development of the company and continue to upgrade technology.

In the future, users will pay more attention to the Shineray Machinery and more extensive and in-depth communication and understanding, with high quality products and attentive service to impress users timely, value leading to attract users, to provide users with more advanced and reliable products, fast and efficient service, to promote the development of enterprises in the service.

(Shineray Valley Park aerial view)